New Year Eve Vision

“I had a vision the evening the New year was arriving. It is regarding some of the things I believe God plans for this New year. There is hope and encouragement for this New Year of 2014.

I saw water coming up from the ground and down from the heavens. The waters met each other symbolizing what I knew was the beginning of the whole earth being filled with the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea. I believe there will be a “swift increase coming” in many areas of our lives and ministries. I see even an increase in our deep inner being preparing us to hold much more of what Jesus wants to release this year.

I saw in the same vision a large room begin to expand. All four walls began to move outward and it became so huge it was almost immeasurable. The room begin to fill up with people. I see expansion this year in the Kingdom ministries and opportunities that only God can open up. This will expand God’s purposes on earth and for His people. Could this year be the beginning of the great harvest.

Thirdly I saw one small can of food begin to multiply until it became one thousand cans. Also a bottle of water appeared and multiplied into one thousand bottles of water. I see God releasing a multiplication that will affect not just our spiritual lives but also our natural lives. I believe Jesus is ready to multiply the gifts He has given to His body. I see a high level faith to be released, supernatural phenomenon (great exploits), and the gift of discernment multiplied among the body of Christ. It will become very clear at critical times in the affairs of the church, and all seven mountains of culture. God’s people will know what spirit is operating in situations: God’s man’s angelic, or demonic.”
So lets proclaim “increase” in every area of life, “expansion” in ministries and opportunities to prosper in many ways. And proclaim “multiplication”, 30, 60 and 100 fold in our lives for every need that arises and every blessings designed just for us in this great New Year God has planned.
May God bless and encourage all who read and believe God can do all things. There is nothing too hard for the Lord. According to your faith so be it.

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