Part II “White Flag Vision”   (re-read previous White Flag Vision)

As I have pondered the previous “White Flag Vision” it became clear that there was more meaning in this vision to share. The vision is not about surrendering to life’s circumstances but rather surrendering to Jesus in those circumstances to experience something great in your life that only God can do. You may want to re read the 3  scenes in the previous vision.

The first scene of the White Flag Vision was revealing an experience in our life that challenges us to the very core of our being. It is when we are faced with risking everything for Jesus and others. It is in this life moment that we can choose to look to Jesus and raise the white flag of a surrendered heart to His unchanging love. Our hearts will know the comfort of a constant Savior who is mighty to rescue us and turn every trial into a triumph.

The second scene reveals the encounter with the battles of life that seem chaotic, dangerous and detrimental to wear us down. Again if we just choose to look at Jesus who stands in the midst He will see us through and out of every battle. Raise your white flag of surrender to Him and walk through. He says, “I am with you, just keep walking.” There is always reward and honor on the other side of the battle.

Finally the third scene speaks of a fiery trial in life that seems impossible to go through. But look and see Jesus on the other side. He is praying for you so your faith will not fail. He has already been through it for you. He will supernaturally cover you with His wings as you surrender to Him knowing His love casts out all fear. You will not be burned or even have the smell of smoke on you. He is our faithful King whose promise is to keep you.

I believe God wants us to learn to surrender. It is a critical key to living in the presence of God. It is the key to experience the constant reality of love and power available to us in Christ Jesus. The ability comes from the person of Holy Spirit whatever the test, trial, or difficulty. Surrender is to choose in everything, everyday, to turn to the ways of Jesus, to the truth He speaks and to allow His very life to reign within us. The challenge is to consistently empty ourselves of our own desires and feelings. Then we are giving God permission to change our hearts and minds to His will. This is surrender to the abundant limitless possibilities of our Almighty Father God who can do anything.
Janee Hawks

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