Jesus speaks to us in Revelation Chapter two addressing the Ephesian church that they had fallen from or left their “first love’. Therefore we know in these days prior to His coming it will be temptation to fall from your first love for Him and for each other. Also in Matthew 24:13 Jesus says that because lawlessness will abound in these days the love of many will grow cold. The Holy Spirit admonishes us to always ask Him to show us what we do not see.

What is a fist love relationship like? Think about it. Let me attempt to describe “first Love”.  That person who has just fallen in love with the one of their dreams is shining with joy and excitement. They are energized and ready to go to any extremes just to be with the one they love for another moment. They can’t wait to spend time together. The way that time is spent does not matter as long as they are together. How long it takes to get to where the other one is  or how hard  the journey may be it never seems like any trouble at all. The thoughts of being with that one is stronger than any difficulty it takes to make  it happen. The thoughts of sharing each others company makes all the other things in life seem less important. The hearts of a first love  just want to share  life together and live in love  forever. I believe I am describing a “first love relationship”.  Now of course that relationship grows and becomes much deeper and able to endure many things, but still the thoughts of being together brings a peace and genuine fulfillment  that nothing else can do. Nothing can compare to this relationship. The thrill and excitement of each other remains because of valuable time spend together, talking freely and often with each other and touching each others lives with goodness through the good times and the difficult times. You cry together feeling each others pain, you laugh together  feeling each others joy. Your hearts desire to please the one you love,  lifting them up and blessing them. The ” first love heart” lives and will die for the one they love, the greatest  of all friends.

Let me close with this, I believe I have come close in describing the “first love heart” that Jesus was talking about. His love is perfect and endless toward us. He wants us to love Him back in our “first love” and love one another. We can do this only through the love Holy Spirit so freely plants in us. Holy Spirit is the sweetheart of heaven. It is the same love  Father God has for Jesus and for us. We can fall in love with Jesus over and over again as we come to know Him more and more.  Just repent of your lack, receive the power of His blood that erases sin and return to Him again and again, seeking His presence in your life.  We must Just live with Jesus, close and committed to Him. Talk to Him; spend time seeking just Him. Know He is always with you. He never leaves you and never fails to be faithful and true. To know Him is to Love Him. He always welcomes you into His love. Just to see Him smile at me makes my life worthwhile.                                                                           Janee Hawks             Reading: Matthew 24; Revelation 2&3; I John.

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