Last evening my heart was heavily burdened for the suffering Christians and others in the war zones around the world, especially those connected to the Islamists called Isis.  I know the Lord is a very present help in times of trouble. I know He is the faithful lover of people everywhere. Even so, I was just crying out to Jesus, “Are you there with them?” Can you please help them?”

So today in Prayer I believe the Lord was showing me  the He is going to the war zones of the suffering. I began to see in vision the Lord sitting on a chair. He was leaning over to take off his sandals. He took them off and put on a pair of dark brown military boots that laced up. I saw Him as He sat there lacing up those boots. Then He stood up took off His robe and underneath he was dressed in a brown military uniform. He looked at me and said,

“I AM”,I AM going to the war zones.” And When Jesus shows up everything will change.

The Lord Jesus stands mighty in Power as the commander of the Lords army and He comes with His sword drawn as revealed in Joshua 5:13-15
The word of the Lord is the word of His power and holds all things together in this world. His word is a mighty sword against the enemy of all God’s creation.
Reference Hebrews 1:3.

Lets decree in pray church: When  The Lord Jesus, shows up in these places of suffering with His manifested presence there will be a change, there will be a rescue  for His people.

Janee Hawks

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