I saw many people standing out in a very heavy rain. They all had umbrella’s opened protecting them from the rain. I noticed the umbrellas were dark preventing the sunlight. I was given understanding that these were believers but they were standing under the rain of Holy Spirit. Father was pouring out a new rain of refreshing, restoration and empowerment now for this season. The umbrellas were hindering them from revelation light and from experiencing the power of a fresh outpouring of Holy Spirits rain.

The understanding I received on the meaning of the black umbrellas involved many things in the lives of believers that were preventing them from experiencing God’s rain. The black simply implied that dark clouds were blinding them from the light of the Son and shielding them from the wonderful refreshing Jesus is sending them. The umbrellas symbolized protective guards believers had raised up in their lives to avoid being hurt, vulnerable or made uncomfortable.

We as believers must ask Holy Spirit to reveal what is personally hindering us from His glorious refreshing rain. Is it FEAR of the supernatural, of deception, or fear of man, and anything you cannot understand with your mind? Is it doubt, discouragement, depression or despair? Is it Unbelief, bitter roots or unforgiveness which are large heavy umbrellas to keep holding up.

It may be some are under the dark bondages of religious traditions that are keeping you from being able to experience the new fresh rain Holy Spirit is sending. Wounded hearts, pride, grief, guilt, self-centeredness, or self-pity also can become these dark umbrellas preventing the very thing we all need most, more of Jesus.

All or any of these things in our lives, beloved, could be like the black umbrella’s the Lord was revealing. Does anything in the message of this vision speak to you? If so, then know that Jesus longs to show you and set you free. He is right there with you in the rain longing and ready to remove all these umbrellas from you, His beloved bride. He passionately longs for you to know Him, to feel His arms of great grace and unending love.

I pray you can hear the Lord , right now, and receive as Jesus speaks personally to you, ” I am here now to take your black umbrellas down, fold them up and toss them away never to be a hindrance to you again.” You can step into My refreshing rain, just stand in My peace, get drenched in My joy and soak in My healing You can receive My restoration, and absorb the empowerment I love to give.” Beloved cast every hindrance off for I love you perfectly, Jesus.


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