Many come in to the Secret Place with the Lord, but forget to shut the door. We may miss what is most important for us. We need to remember to shut the door. Matthew 6:6 “But when you pray, go away by yourself, shut the door behind you, and pray to your Father in private.”

I believe that some of shutting the door is just a constant consciousness effort each time we pray of closing all the cares of life out of your mind and determining not to let anything or anyone distract you from your special time with the Lord no matter how long it is or short. Always it is the quality not necessarily the quantity.
I will just share some practical and simple things that might be helpful reminders of how to shut the door. Sometimes we know these things but just need reminded. I know I do.
So first of all you may want to shut off your phone. If you open your technology and connect with social media it might steal from the time you want to give Jesus. Just work it out so you don’t miss the time with your Creator. You also may need to get up a little earlier or stay up at night for the time. There are days I will skip the noon meal, find a quiet place and pray. If you are home get comfortable place to pray and even shut a real door if possible. Have just your bible and a pen and paper with you. Set this time as best you can when you can be alert and are least apt to be needed or interrupted.
Whenever and wherever you pray He is there with you because He is always faithful. The Lord loves to hear your voice so sing or just thank and praise, as He is as close as the breath you breathe. Romans 10:8 “The message is very close at hand; It is on your lips and in your heart.” Practice and perfect the art of being still in His presence and tune your ears into His voice. Ask Him to show you what is on His heart and mind. Ask Him who and what you need to bring before Him, because if you are like me there are too many and too much to remember. Write things down. Every day ask and trust faithful Holy Spirit to speak to you about the prayer needs of the day and for the grace to love and be obedient. This way His burden is light and His yoke easy because you will be moving with Holy Spirit. When I quit striving to do things right and just lean into Holy Spirit it is like the EASE of moving in water.
Lastly, when we pray we must pray IN FAITH and WITH FATIH. That is praying what God says and thinks and then believing it.                                                       Janee Hawks

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