“Your Source becomes your Root”

What is the source of our life? What keeps us going? What is the main flow into our life? Our source in life is what empowers us, influences our thinking and our emotions. Our main source directs our life.

What is the root of our life? From the root of our life comes the nourishment of our life. The root is what has been planted in us. We have to allow it to grow (or not) until it becomes deep and secures the strength of our lives to produce fullness and good things or not.

I came across this verse in Ephesians 3:17 TP’T and the Lord began to impress me to share this. God is working so deeply with his church, his true believers, to bring them into a rich full life that glorifies Him in all their ways. God wants us to find that deep resting place in His heart and root deep in that place. It is always by FAITH that we can find and have all that God gives us.

Therefore, let me share this verse;

Then, by constantly using YOUR FAITH, the life of Christ will be released DEEP INSIDE YOU and the RESTING PLACE OF HIS LOVE; will become the SOURCE and the ROOT of YOUR LIFE. 

Prayer: Lord Jesus, you and your word are inseparable and are both the source and the root of my life. Give me the grace in the midst of chaos and business to find the resting place in your love and live there in your peace. Amen   Janee Hawks

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