Revelations from the promises in Psalms 112


   God has promised to us that if we will reverently fear Him and greatly delight in His word (His commandments) then He will bless us. We can trust His promise that our descendants will be mighty on the earth. Wealth and riches will be in our houses, righteousness will endure in our lives and in the darkness we will be given light. God promises to be gracious to us, full of compassion and to guide our affairs with discretion that we will never be shaken. We will be remembered and we will not be afraid of evil tidings. If we will fear Him and delight in His word our hearts will be steadfast, always trusting in the Lord; our hearts will be so established that we will not be afraid. We will give to the poor and disperse abroad. The power of God in us will be exalted with honor and the wicked will be defeated.

What a promise we have been given. We fear our awesome God and love His word then we can live this promise. We can declare it over our families and ourselves for God is faithful. He is absolute in keeping His word.

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