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It was somewhere between heaven and earth I was being caught up into the vision which I will call “The Path of Humble Authority“ This vision was not just for me only, but was meant to be shared with the body of Christ especially to those who long to be a true disciple of Christ. So put yourself in this vision and see that Jesus is drawing you to this humble authority.

VISION: I first saw an opening, then a path going upward to heaven that looked like a brilliant red carpet. I knew the Lord had done this and was inviting me to go up. As I started up I just knew this red carpet was created from a lifestyle on earth of forgiveness, repentance and purity through Christ’s blood. It was amazing; as Jesus made known to me that heaven’s red carpet is earth’s bloody path. When I reached the top I could see the Father was there but I could only see His glorious light. I also saw Ricky my little son sitting with Jesus and smiling at me as if to say I watch you and am waiting for you.

Then Jesus walked up to me as to greet me. He held a beautiful red robe in His hands, which He placed on me. As I felt the robe on my body I knew it symbolized a life drenched in His blood. Faith in Jesus shed blood created this robe to always cover, to cleanse and to give His very own life and strength. The Lord motioned to me to come sit with Him. Before I could sit down in my own personal chair He came to me and placed a gold chain around my neck. I just knew the gold chain was giving me the authority to rule and reign in my personal inheritance and I felt the life-giving strength of the beautiful blood-red robe around my shoulders as it covered me.

Then Jesus reached out for my hand and placed a ring on my finger that had the imprint of the face of a Lion on it. This ring belonged to the Lion of the tribe of Judah. I knew it was His ring given for me to use in His behalf, by the authority of His name. I was overcome with His presence as Jesus said to me, “I have placed my roar in you that you will prevail and I will lead you.” I knew this was a place of my being seated with Christ in heavenly places as is revealed in Scripture. Jesus sat down at the right hand of Father. He held His scepter in His right hand. He reached out His scepter to me and I touched it. Now I am hearing” Ask and It shall be given.” I saw the words “if you abide in Me and my words abide in you, you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you. John 15:7 Suddenly I saw a fire close to the throne and Jesus said to step into it, so I did. It was a holy fire and I felt its power. When I stepped out of the fire there was a blue flame resting on me.

The scene suddenly changed and I was back on the earth. I was walking on a narrow dusty road. I was wearing a brown robe with a large hood on it. You could hardly see my face. It seemed I was walking hidden in this brown robe. I knew it was a robe of humility and hiddenness that a lowly servant would wear, but also it was for protection. The Lord said to me I have shown you now how I want you to live your life. You will rule and reign in My Kingdom matters and operate your life on the earth from My heart. You are here seated with Me in heavenly places with all My authority for all I have destined for you, but you must walk out your life on the earth as a servant of all with my humility. Then you will be hidden with me in the Fathers will. I have given you a Kingdom….I saw a shoreline …and nations. I did hear more but for now I feel the Lord would have you pray on this vision for what He would say to you and add to you.



This is the robe: “For if we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us from all sin.” I Jo. 1:7

 This is the red carpet: We can come boldly to Holiest by the blood of Jesus. It’s a new and living way or path. Hebrews 10:19-20

 The Blood of Christ is authority and Power: For there are three that bear witness in heaven, The Father, the Word and the Holy Sprit and these there are one. And there are three that bear witness on earth; the Spirit, the water, and the blood, and these three are as one. I John 5:7-8

Let me explain what the Lord revealed to me from the verse: When the Spirit, the cleansing word, and faith in the blood of Christ come together to witness on the earth it will align with Heavens witness of the Father, the Word (Jesus) and Holy Spirit. This alignment is power and glory for Jesus happens and heaven comes to earth. The blood is an integral part of heaven and earth meeting together as is the word and the Spirit. Therefore we rejoice that in life and in death Jesus provided “the bloody path we humbly walk and the royal bloody robe we gladly wear.” We boldly thank Jesus for sending Holy Spirit into our spirit giving us the authority and power to live out this life victorious in His glorious light. I will “walk it and wear it” with faith and hope. There is wonder working power in the Blood of the Lamb of God, The Lord Jesus Christ, and the Son of God.


 God made us alive together with Christ and raised us up together and made us sit together in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, far above all other powers. Ephesians 2:5-6; 1:20-23 This is NOW beloved.

The “scepter” has meaning in the book of Esther as she gave all to stand before the King. If she found favor the king would allow her to touch his scepter and ask what she desired. Esther 5:2-3 This is amazing grace

Daniel and Joseph were given” gold chains around their necks’ when they were appointed to rule and reign in the Kingdom. (Daniel 5:20;Genesis 41:42) We are given this gold chain to rule and reign in the Kingdom as we are given our own personal inheritance on the earth. Jesus Christ is the King of kings. We were born to rule.

Revelation 1: 5-6 “and from Jesus Christ, the faithful witness, the firstborn from the dead, and the ruler over the kings of the earth. To Him who loved us and washed us from our sins in His own blood, and has made us kings and priests to His God and Father, to Him be glory and dominion forever and ever.”

“The Holy Fire and blue flame” could pertain to Revelation 5:5 says Seven lamps of fire were burning before the throne,, which are the seven Sprits of God. The Seven spirits of God are the seven spirits resting on Christ in prophesied in Isaiah 11:1-3 which also rest on us as we abide in Christ. Also the hottest purest fire will burn blue. Blue is symbolic of heavenly fire.

PRAYER:  Father I ask in the name of Jesus Christ your Son for Holy Spirit to give the understanding and the revelation of all that you are saying to your people and ignite them with the power of this vision as you have shown me. Release the power of this vision deep within every one who reads it with an open heart toward You Father. Give us the grace to walk in the humble authority you died to give. Do Holy Spirit what only You can do.                                                                                                       Janee Hawks



I saw many people standing out in a very heavy rain. They all had umbrella’s opened protecting them from the rain. I noticed the umbrellas were dark preventing the sunlight. I was given understanding that these were believers but they were standing under the rain of Holy Spirit. Father was pouring out a new rain of refreshing, restoration and empowerment now for this season. The umbrellas were hindering them from revelation light and from experiencing the power of a fresh outpouring of Holy Spirits rain.

The understanding I received on the meaning of the black umbrellas involved many things in the lives of believers that were preventing them from experiencing God’s rain. The black simply implied that dark clouds were blinding them from the light of the Son and shielding them from the wonderful refreshing Jesus is sending them. The umbrellas symbolized protective guards believers had raised up in their lives to avoid being hurt, vulnerable or made uncomfortable.

We as believers must ask Holy Spirit to reveal what is personally hindering us from His glorious refreshing rain. Is it FEAR of the supernatural, of deception, or fear of man, and anything you cannot understand with your mind? Is it doubt, discouragement, depression or despair? Is it Unbelief, bitter roots or unforgiveness which are large heavy umbrellas to keep holding up.

It may be some are under the dark bondages of religious traditions that are keeping you from being able to experience the new fresh rain Holy Spirit is sending. Wounded hearts, pride, grief, guilt, self-centeredness, or self-pity also can become these dark umbrellas preventing the very thing we all need most, more of Jesus.

All or any of these things in our lives, beloved, could be like the black umbrella’s the Lord was revealing. Does anything in the message of this vision speak to you? If so, then know that Jesus longs to show you and set you free. He is right there with you in the rain longing and ready to remove all these umbrellas from you, His beloved bride. He passionately longs for you to know Him, to feel His arms of great grace and unending love.

I pray you can hear the Lord , right now, and receive as Jesus speaks personally to you, ” I am here now to take your black umbrellas down, fold them up and toss them away never to be a hindrance to you again.” You can step into My refreshing rain, just stand in My peace, get drenched in My joy and soak in My healing You can receive My restoration, and absorb the empowerment I love to give.” Beloved cast every hindrance off for I love you perfectly, Jesus.



Today I felt the Lord prompting me to share a vision I had written in my journal in 2008. Hopefully it will bless someone.

I saw a beautiful Red Rose that was loosing its petals one by one. It stood tall as one last petal was falling off. It started to fall and as it fell I could see another complete Rose standing in its place. It was slightly different in that I just knew it was a Heavenly Rose, it was not temporary, and it seemed to be covered with something like a mist or cloud. It’s substance was not describable, but there was a different glow to it then I had ever seen. It was replacing the other temporal Rose.

The understanding given me from this vision is that it is a picture of the very process the Lord is doing in His people. I believe it has been a seven year season for many. The lovers of God who are surrendered will experience this transformation into the mighty but humble sons of God on the earth. Heaven is coming to earth and the process begins in us. The world is desperate for the body of Christ to make the real God known.

 Holy Spirit is creating  new things into the deep of our lives that we may arise and shine with His love and become those who carry His mind and heart to all nations of the earth.  For many 2015 is your year to arise so don’t miss it.

Every disciple of Christ is that beautiful Red Rose that is losing its natural petals, old thought patterns, old ways of doing things, fleshly passions and religious spirits one by one so that what appears in its place will be pure, supernatural and  eternal. Holy Spirit is working all things together in our lives that He might change us into this beautiful eternal Rose that carries the very characteristics of heaven and shines with His Glory through the supernatural petals of His miracluous love and power.

 2 Corinthians 3:18 But we all with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as by the Spirit of the Lord.

Father we thank you for Your faithfulness to never give up on us. You change us into your likeness through all that comes our way. You are so much greater than our mistakes, failures and  wrong choices. Thank you for your love gift of repentance  through the blood of Christ. We say “YES and AMEN to the work Holy Spirit desires to do in us so that we are becoming like this “Eternal Red Rose of Glory” You want us Red with His blood covering and dwelling in His glory presence. Thank you Father, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. In Jesus name Amen.                                                                    Janee



 Picture in your mind a huge heart (God’s heart) coming down from heaven completely enveloping you so that your heart is being lifted up to abide and rest inside this big heart. Your heart is being consumed into His heart and becoming one. Can you see it? This is why God gave us an imagination that is like a canvas on which God can paint His pictures or like a screen where He can show us heavens movies.

 This vision came as I was sitting in a worship atmosphere in the congregation of a prophetic church. I was still before the Lord listening for His voice when I saw a huge heart so big it completely covered the whole building and the entire congregation. I knew it was God’s heart. I could sense it beating as it enveloped all of us. Each heart that was longing lovingly to be with Him was being empowered with His heartbeat. I could see hearts being lifted into His great big heart. And out of each heartbeat was the flow of God’s love and power. Within each new beat of His heart there was the mind of Christ and the will of our Father.

 I had been praying for several weeks for Him to show me how to live in this world every day from His heart where I first existed. I knew it was His will for us to learn how to live this life from His heart. Holy Spirit was showing me and giving me understanding through this vision.

 I knew that as our hearts continually longed and hungered to be with Him that we actually are drawing His big heart closer and closer to us until we are finally consumed with His great big heart. I knew our little love sick hearts could live this life inside His big heart and we could experience the heartbeat of God. God’s heart is our Home. Holy Spirit tells me this is how Jesus knew to do only what He saw the Father doing and saying. John 5:19 .We too can know the mind and will of God and do only what we see Him saying and doing. John 14:12 Glory! Glory! Glory!

“DRAW NEAR TO GOD (continually) AND HE WILL DRAW NEAR TO YOU”  James 4:8




Last evening my heart was heavily burdened for the suffering Christians and others in the war zones around the world, especially those connected to the Islamists called Isis.  I know the Lord is a very present help in times of trouble. I know He is the faithful lover of people everywhere. Even so, I was just crying out to Jesus, “Are you there with them?” Can you please help them?”

So today in Prayer I believe the Lord was showing me  the He is going to the war zones of the suffering. I began to see in vision the Lord sitting on a chair. He was leaning over to take off his sandals. He took them off and put on a pair of dark brown military boots that laced up. I saw Him as He sat there lacing up those boots. Then He stood up took off His robe and underneath he was dressed in a brown military uniform. He looked at me and said,

“I AM”,I AM going to the war zones.” And When Jesus shows up everything will change.

The Lord Jesus stands mighty in Power as the commander of the Lords army and He comes with His sword drawn as revealed in Joshua 5:13-15
The word of the Lord is the word of His power and holds all things together in this world. His word is a mighty sword against the enemy of all God’s creation.
Reference Hebrews 1:3.

Lets decree in pray church: When  The Lord Jesus, shows up in these places of suffering with His manifested presence there will be a change, there will be a rescue  for His people.

Janee Hawks



 I was in a place in my time with the Lord and I saw Jesus holding a silver spoon in His right hand. He was standing at a table. It was HIS table. When I looked on the table I saw a silver platter type bowl, and three stacks of silver coins each of a different size. I knew there was a significant message in this vision that needed a Holy Spirit interpretation, so I began seeking the Lord for His word. The following was given to me.

The silver speaks of the refining process I believe is happening now. The Lord is walking His eternal bride through this process in each of their journeys. But who can endure the day of His coming? And who can stand when He appears? For He is like a refiner’s fire, And like launderers soap. He will sit as a refiner and a purifier of silver; HE will purify the sons of Levi and purge them as gold and silver That they may offer to the Lord an offering in righteousness. Malachi 3:2-3

The silver many times is found in scrap metals. The material must go through a process of adding to and then put in the fire to burn away the dross so only the pure silver remains. God chose to put the beautiful light of Christ in our scrap earthen vessels. (a) The Lord says that our works on earth will go through the fire and only the purest silver will remain,(b) so refining is a good and glorious process we should welcome from a loving Father God. His goodness and mercy follows us all the days of our life. This process happens many times in our journeys. I believe the Lord is saying that the refining is happening now.

The silver spoon represents our lives tightly griped in His hand of power. Empowered in His hands through refining we are poured out to feed and to serve Jesus to the world. We are sent to the one in front of us as well as into the market place, the mission field or the nations. The refining process produces in our lives works that bear much eternal fruit.  We become pure silver that will reflect the image of our beloved Lord.

The bowl/platter represents our lives filling the bowls of incense in heaven to be poured out on the earth. (c) It represents the refining of our intercessions, our worship in spirit and truth, and our labor to make disciples and birth mature sons in the Kingdom. The Lord is refining our God given gifts and talents; the loaves and fishes we give to Him to multiply for the masses. Even pure hearts and clean hands require a refining process in order to be ready to carry His weighty latter glory.

The three stacks of coins represent our sacrificial gifts to financially supply the work of the Kingdom of God. They vary in financial status and gifting but each stack of coins is equally important. The refining process is to divorce us from mammon spirit (d) and covenant our lives into the pure unhindered flow of releasing the wealth of the world into the Kingdom of God. Because of this refining we will see a mighty harvest of souls.

Jesus is preparing His table before us in the presence of our enemies. (e) Today I believe we can clearly see this table. We must rejoice and not fear because our God loves us enough to make our lives as pure silver in the refining fires and persecutions of these evil latter days. When this refining process subsides our lives will be overlaid with the gold of His glory. His bride will be pure, holy, blameless and without spot or wrinkle. (f) Then the Spirit and the Bride will be as one and will say, come Lord Jesus, the way has been prepared. (g)

Read references: (a) ICorinth.4:7 ; (b) 2 Corinth.3:11-15; (c) Revelation 8:3;(d) Matt.6:24(e) Psalms 23:5; (f) Ephesians 5:27; (g) Revelation 22:17     Janee Hawks





Part II “White Flag Vision”   (re-read previous White Flag Vision)

As I have pondered the previous “White Flag Vision” it became clear that there was more meaning in this vision to share. The vision is not about surrendering to life’s circumstances but rather surrendering to Jesus in those circumstances to experience something great in your life that only God can do. You may want to re read the 3  scenes in the previous vision.

The first scene of the White Flag Vision was revealing an experience in our life that challenges us to the very core of our being. It is when we are faced with risking everything for Jesus and others. It is in this life moment that we can choose to look to Jesus and raise the white flag of a surrendered heart to His unchanging love. Our hearts will know the comfort of a constant Savior who is mighty to rescue us and turn every trial into a triumph.

The second scene reveals the encounter with the battles of life that seem chaotic, dangerous and detrimental to wear us down. Again if we just choose to look at Jesus who stands in the midst He will see us through and out of every battle. Raise your white flag of surrender to Him and walk through. He says, “I am with you, just keep walking.” There is always reward and honor on the other side of the battle.

Finally the third scene speaks of a fiery trial in life that seems impossible to go through. But look and see Jesus on the other side. He is praying for you so your faith will not fail. He has already been through it for you. He will supernaturally cover you with His wings as you surrender to Him knowing His love casts out all fear. You will not be burned or even have the smell of smoke on you. He is our faithful King whose promise is to keep you.

I believe God wants us to learn to surrender. It is a critical key to living in the presence of God. It is the key to experience the constant reality of love and power available to us in Christ Jesus. The ability comes from the person of Holy Spirit whatever the test, trial, or difficulty. Surrender is to choose in everything, everyday, to turn to the ways of Jesus, to the truth He speaks and to allow His very life to reign within us. The challenge is to consistently empty ourselves of our own desires and feelings. Then we are giving God permission to change our hearts and minds to His will. This is surrender to the abundant limitless possibilities of our Almighty Father God who can do anything.
Janee Hawks



In a vision I saw the opening scene of the movie “Dancing with Wolves”. The soldier was on his horse between two opposing armies and he lifted a white flag and rode courageously between them. His life was given in surrender at that moment for the good of others.

The next scene was the same opening scene only I was the one on the horse waving my white flag as I looked at the face of Jesus on the other side. I rode fearless in complete surrender to Him to the other side unharmed.

The scene then changed to a fully engaged battle between two armies, some were on foot and some on horses. They had weapons of swords and rifles. Slowly I began to walk through them waving my white flag as I looked to Jesus standing looking at me on the other side. I walked through this battle completely surrendered to Him on the other side unharmed.

The scene changed again and this time it was a raging fire before me. I looked into the fire and saw Jesus on the other side. I began to walk into this fire waving my white flag, with my eyes fixed on Jesus, completely surrendered to Him standing on the other side. I was not burned or harmed.

The vision ended and left me with such a sense of courage and fearlessness. I could sense in my whole being what true surrender means. I knew surrender was a key to release heaven over me and into any tribulation. I knew surrender was a key to overcome anything, loving not your own life unto death. I knew Jesus was always there for us to see. As we look to Him, see Him and wave our white flag we walk unharmed through anything that comes our way. I got a revelatory glimpse of how my personal daily time in the secret place with Jesus would become a hiding place of safety for me through out my lifetime on this earth.

Raise you white flag Janee, See Jesus, and Keep on walking toward Him in peace. He has become you secret place and will forever be your hiding place. He will always cause you to triumph in Him.

Oh for grace to live in complete Surrender. Be Still and Know that I am God.

Janee Hawks 8-30-2014

New Year Eve Vision

“I had a vision the evening the New year was arriving. It is regarding some of the things I believe God plans for this New year. There is hope and encouragement for this New Year of 2014.

I saw water coming up from the ground and down from the heavens. The waters met each other symbolizing what I knew was the beginning of the whole earth being filled with the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea. I believe there will be a “swift increase coming” in many areas of our lives and ministries. I see even an increase in our deep inner being preparing us to hold much more of what Jesus wants to release this year.

I saw in the same vision a large room begin to expand. All four walls began to move outward and it became so huge it was almost immeasurable. The room begin to fill up with people. I see expansion this year in the Kingdom ministries and opportunities that only God can open up. This will expand God’s purposes on earth and for His people. Could this year be the beginning of the great harvest.

Thirdly I saw one small can of food begin to multiply until it became one thousand cans. Also a bottle of water appeared and multiplied into one thousand bottles of water. I see God releasing a multiplication that will affect not just our spiritual lives but also our natural lives. I believe Jesus is ready to multiply the gifts He has given to His body. I see a high level faith to be released, supernatural phenomenon (great exploits), and the gift of discernment multiplied among the body of Christ. It will become very clear at critical times in the affairs of the church, and all seven mountains of culture. God’s people will know what spirit is operating in situations: God’s man’s angelic, or demonic.”
So lets proclaim “increase” in every area of life, “expansion” in ministries and opportunities to prosper in many ways. And proclaim “multiplication”, 30, 60 and 100 fold in our lives for every need that arises and every blessings designed just for us in this great New Year God has planned.
May God bless and encourage all who read and believe God can do all things. There is nothing too hard for the Lord. According to your faith so be it.


One of the best  biblical definitions of  a vision is found in Habakkuk 2:1 “I will stand upon my post of observation and station myself  on the tower and  watch  to see what  the Lord, will say to me.